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European principles of civilized business are the basis for the harmonious integration of any company into the interaction with clients and state control authority. Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited is a British company that has official state registration and it fully complies with financial and international legislation. Our company as much as possible adheres to the principles of honest business and is a subject of business activity on legal grounds.

Our tax policy is based on the British Tax Legislation in the area of compliance with corporate tax obligations, as well as in the area of ​​Social Insurance. Our tax policy does not apply to our clients and we give each client complete freedom to self-determination in terms of compliance with local and international tax laws. In addition, as a European company, we strictly adhere to the principles of the legal origin of financial resources and therefore we implement the Anti Money Laundering Policy.

As a company that provides international trust management services, as well as a company engaged in international payment and commercial transactions, Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited is obliged to comply with regulatory requirements and to take all necessary and sufficient measures to combat fraud, money laundering and of terrorist financing. Our anti-money-laundering policy is developed to prevent money laundering in accordance with the requirements of UK legislation in the field of combating money laundering. Therefore, we took care to have adequate and effective systems and control mechanisms to minimize any risks of using illegally received funds by the company.

Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited has developed and implemented in daily practice the monitoring mechanisms and protocols for identifying, preventing and reporting any suspicious financial activity. In order to comply with the requirements of international and UK legislation, including the provisions on global sanctions, we constantly monitor our clients' accounts for compliance with the international sanctions lists. In addition, once in a while, we can send a request to any of our clients to provide us with some documentation in order to help us confirm or establish the client identity or verify his business legitimacy. Eurotraders Investment Solutions Limited will comply with the Anti Money Laundering and Combating the Terrorism Financing Policy in all countries where it operates, providing trust management services to individuals, or where it has a range of business interests or business relationships with corporate and non-corporate partners and clients.